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HDSmoke’s success is built on the excellence of its team and the quality of its products. We have put in place a very simple process for handling product returns and replacement, if deemed to be warranted.

Our Return Policy is as follows: If you are having any issues with any HDSmoke™ product please follow the instructions below. Any defects for HDSmoke rechargeable batteries and chargers will be exchanged as per our Lifetime Warranty. Due to health code regulations, we cannot refund your purchase. HDSmoke™ makes no other express or implied warranty or condition whatsoever, whether written or oral, and expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions not stated in this Lifetime Warranty.

For a defective HDSmoke Battery or Charger please try these troubleshooting tips first, before contacting or sending your product in to us. Click the link for battery and charger troubleshooting.

If you are having difficulties with your cartomizers, please send them back to the address below. Your products will be reviewed by our quality control team, and if the problem is due to a manufacturer’s defect, the necessary replacements will be shipped back to you.

Note: Products that are damaged or defective due to improper use, modifications, or any tampering on your part, are not covered by our return policy and will NOT be replaced.

USA Customers:

HDSmoke, 1623 Military Rd, #215 Niagara Falls, NY, 14304-1745 Please enclose the following: a) name, address, contact telephone, b) email address, c) defective part or parts, d) $5 to cover return shipping and handling without a purchasing receipt, or FREE with original purchase receipt.

Canadian Customers:

HDSmoke Returns, c/o Gamoto Marketing, PO Box 3115 - MIP, Markham, ON L3R 6G4 Please enclose the following: a) name, address, contact telephone, b) email address, c) defective part or parts, d) $5 to cover return shipping and handling with no purchase receipt or FREE with original purchase receipt. Please use Canada Post Only.

Once the defective part has arrived to our warehouse, we ask that you allow 3 business days for processing and an additional 3-5 days for shipping. We thank you for your patience and understanding. We will do our best to get out the replacement parts as soon as possible.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Thank you for your email regarding issues with your battery and/or charger.

The USB charger that comes with your starter kit is designed to work with a USB port that is constantly on while you are charging your battery. Some laptops & computers go into sleep or hibernate modes after a few minutes to save power. Please ensure that the computer that is being used to charge your battery is on while you are charging your battery.

The led light on the charger turns red while it is charging and green when it is fully charged. It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge an empty battery.

Brand new batteries that come in the starter kit are at about 90% charged capacity & can be used right out of the kit.

As a trouble shooting guide, please try the following: looking in a mirror, take a drag on the cigarette.
If the end of the battery lights up reddish/orange, the battery is working. If the battery, does not light up, it means it may need to be charged.

If the battery lights up, but no smoke comes out when a drag is taken, it may mean the cartomizer needs to be replaced. Try another cartomizer.

Sometimes, the internal switch that detects the air flow in the battery gets stuck. Remove the cartomizer & gently tap the end of the battery (the end that was attached to the cartomizer) against a wooden surface several times. Be careful not to damage the wood. Do not do this over a good table – it may leave a dent.

If you are still encountering issues, please email your battery and USB charger to us at one of the above addresses. Please ship by least expensive method. Upon receipt, our technician will review your battery and charger. If it has not been tampered with, we will authorize a replacement immediately.